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Design and Implementation of Microsoft Teacher Internship Program for Professional Development of Teacher Trainers ​

Client: Microsoft Georgia ​

Microsoft Georgia to partners with Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport to implement ICT into everyday classroom practices of Georgian schools. Within the scheme of New School Model, initiated by the Ministry. Based on the methodology of the Program, Trainers and Coaches work directly with teachers in schools providing on-job consulting support to develop lesson plans and implement in the practice. ​

Microsoft contracted Mindworks to design and implement Georgian version of Global Microsoft Teacher Internship Program for Trainers and Coaches. ​

New Internship Program is designed to implement ICT tools into teaching and learning practices using Design Thinking methodology, which is a human- centered approach to problem solving. As the Intern Trainers/Coaches work with teachers in schools, they need to obtain deep knowledge of their trainees work and lifestyle, motivations and challenges, to help them become change agents in their schools and implement innovative practices. ​

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