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Developing online courses for young professionals and small and medium size business

Client: Deloitte Consulting
Program: USAID G4G Project
Co-funding: Enterprise Georgia

The goal of the Project is to develop and implement self-paced online courses for individual young professionals and small and medium size companies focusing on the preparation for freelance marketplaces, driving IT projects, planning on becoming suppliers within state tenders and developing export skills in order to support implementation of the Innovation and Technology Strategy and policy of creating an innovation ecosystem in the country, increase capacity of such individuals and companies and promote the export oriented Innovation and Technology services development and outsourcing/freelancing. 

Preparation and analysis
Deliverables: Documents describing context for online training for beneficiaries, review of exiting practices and recommended features, personas of beneficiaries as learners, stakeholder mapping, learning objectives and outcomes, detailed project plan.

Course structure design
Deliverables: Training module plan for each training program developed: 4 text documents created with detailed module plans for each training topic. Training syllabuses and materials each training program developed: 4 packages prepared in zip format with documents consisting of handouts, presentation slides; knowledge assessment tests, glossary terms and a list of resources for each lesson.

Course content development
Deliverables: Training storyboards, materials and videos prepared and standalone version of training programs each training program developed: Documents created containing storyboards; 4 packages (folders) created with instructional videos (5 to 20 minutes each depending on defined instructional design) for each training module; Progress report;

Course publishing and promotion
Deliverables: 4 courses published on partner education providers supporting online courses; Promotional video created; Participant registration records, event memos and event photos for 5 events; 4 online training and certification programs 6 hours each (24 hours in total) delivered to at least 80 persons.

Video animations
Video animations (total animation content – 50 minutes, total videos animated – 300 minutes). Publishing on the online learning platforms. Export professional speakers

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