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Online Tool to Incorporate Equality into Teaching at Schools​

Client: GIZ ​

The goal of the project was to support the improvement of teachers’ awareness in Georgia on equality aspects and contribute to the inclusion of these aspects into the teaching process.  ​

 Specifically, the proposed activity aimed to create an online tool with a self-paced course for teachers, published on an e-learning platform. The course outlined all important aspects of equality and inclusion for teaching purposes, which were later disseminated into classroom teaching and learning practices in schools in Georgia. The self-paced course consisted of learning animated videos, texts, additional reading materials, and quizzes for quality checks and e-certification.  ​

 The course and the e-learning platform was translated into Armenian and Azerbaijani languages using voice-over and localized content, so teachers from the mentioned two minority groups could have the same training experience as their Georgian-speaking colleagues. ​

 Online Learning Platform:

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