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Educational Consultancy

Professional Development Programs and Teacher Training
We work with educational institutions, governmental organizations and private enterprises to design and drive professional development programs.

Instructional Design
Mindworks works with organizations to design rich and innovative learning experiences for their stakeholders. Technology is a big part of our consultancy and implementation to enhance and re-design instructional practices within the organization or classroom. This includes development of innovative methodologies, curriculum design, teacher training and implementation coordination within the learning process.

Learning Content development
We offer to our customers content development from scratch, including text, video, animations, illustrations, presentations, charts and graphs and assessment. We also work on localization and adoption of existing materials, and conversion into formats suitable for online courses.

Leaning Management Systems (LMS)
Mindworks provides technology solutions for web and management scenarios to create rich user interaction and E-Learning environments. We use existing platforms and services to design the best online user experiences. These include Learning Management Systems (Moodle, WordPress, edX), Corporate Cloud Services and Solutions, Online Shops and Corporate Websites.

Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Design Thinking
We help creating and improving Services and Customer Experiences using Design Thinking process through user empathy, collaborative ideation, fast prototyping, testing and iteration, ​and managing implementation with the user in the heart of design.

Customer Experience Management
The benefits of human-centered approach and a customer-centric strategy, Mindworks uses, aren’t limited to private-sector businesses. Governmental, non-for-profit and academic entities at every level can gain by putting the needs and wants of their users first.

  • Product and Service Design
  • Experience Design and Implementation
  • Behavior Change Campaigns
  • Multimedia Content for Social Media

Innovation Workshops
We deliver Innovation Workshops based on a human centered and collaborative approach to problem solving, to develop design mindset and master Design Thinking tools and technics..

  • Trend Forecasting and Opportunity Management
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Design Thinking in Action
  • Service Design, Ideation and Prototyping

Technology Implementation

Learning Management System

As a provider of a comprehensive learning management system, we offer Moodle, an open-source platform designed to empower course designers and instructors to create engaging online courses and deliver personalized learning experiences to their learners.

To create lightweight and dynamic websites for online courses, we offer WordPress, an open-source platform designed to create engaging and personalized learning experiences for learners. With our platform, we provide a user-friendly website that delivers self-paced courses, customizable to match our clients’ brand and personal preferences.

Knowledge Base and E-Library System

We offer DSpace, an open-source platform, advanced knowledge base and e-library system, designed to help organizations store, manage and share their digital assets. With our platform, users can create a user-friendly e-library that caters to their organization’s specific needs, making it easy to access and share knowledge resources.